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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Prose

Prodigal Son     by: Elphinstone, George

Luke Chapter 15 verses 11-32

There wis ance a man hid twa sons. The younger ane said tae his faither Gie me my share o the property noo, so the man split aa he hid atween the twa sons. Efter a fyow days the younger son selt his pairt o the property an left hame takkin the siller wi him. He gaed tae a country hine awa far he squannered aa his siller withoot thocht. Syne an affa famine spread ower aa at country an he wis left withoot a maik, so he gaed tae work for ane o the citizens o at country fa sent him oot tae his fairm tae look efter the pigs.
He wushed he coud full himsel wi some o the pigs' mait bit naebody gaed him onything tae ait. At lang length he cam tae his senses an said, Aa my faither's hired wirkers hive mair than they can ait an here I am near stairved!I'll get up an gae back tae ma faither. I'll tell him I hae sinned against God an against you I am nae langer fit tae be caad yer son. Treat me as ane o yer hired workers.
So he got up an set aff back tae his faither. He wis a gweed bit fae bein hame fan his faither saw him an took peety on him an ran an gaed him a byordnar welcome. Faither the lad said I hiv sinned against God and against you. I am nae langer fit tae be caad yer son.
Bit the faither cried tae his workers, Rin fess gweed claes an pit on him. Pit a ring on's finger an the best o sheen on's feet then gae an get yon fat stirk an kill it an celebrate an hae a pairty for iss son o mine wis deid bit noo he's livin again. He wis lost bit noo we've fa'n in wi'm.
An so the feastin started. Aa iss time the aulder son wis workin in the fields. On his wye back fan he cam near the hoose he heard the music an dancin. So he cried tae ane o the workers Fit's aa the ongang?
Yer brither his come back hame the worker answered an yer faither his kil'd the prize calf bekis he got im back safe an soun
The aulder brither wis sae ull-pleased that he widnae gae inta the hoose. So his faither gaed oot an prigged wi him tae come in bit he answered his faither, Look, aa iss ears I've worked like a slave for ye an niver disobeyed ye. Fit did ever ye gae me? Nae even a goat tae hae a treat wi my pals! Bit iss son o yours threw aboot his money on aa kin' o stupid things an fan he comes back ye kill the prize calf for him!
My son the faither answered Ye hiv been here wi me aa the time. Aathing I hae is yours but we hid tae celebrate an be happy bekis yer brither wis deid bit noo he's livin. He wis tint bit noo he's been fun again!

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