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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Prose

The Gweed Samaritan     by: Elphinstone, George

Luke Chapter 10 (29)

Bit fa is my neiper?

Jesus replied Weel ere wis ance a man gaed fae Jerusalem tae Jericho fan robbers attacket him, strippit him an gaed him an afa thrashin an left him near half deid, jist as it happened a preist wis gaen the same road. Bit fan he saw the man he gaed tae the ither side o the road an jist left him as he wis. A Levite cam by neist bit takin ae look, carried on an left him as he wis. Syne a Samaritan cam ben the road, saw the puir hurtit man an stoppit an put some bandages on his sair bits then gied him a heist up on tae his donkey an took him tae an Inn far they wid look efter him. Neist mornin he peyed the inn-keeper for their nicht's lodgins an speired gaen he wid look efter the hurted man as he wid pey aa that wis spent on him neist time he wis gaen by.

Noo Jesus said Oot o iss three fa wid ye say wis neiper tae the hurt man?

The learned man answered I wad say the ane that wis gweed tae him.

Jesus replied Weel ye gang an dae likewise.

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