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Elphinstone Kist   Maakers, History

Urn Burial     by: Bruce, George

It wis hardly worth pyin fur a casket,
the body wis that peelie-wallie,

nae bluid in't
luikit like a
scrap o' broun paper

papyrus mebbe?
nae gran eneuch
for that,

but there wis some gran mournerrs, the
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Syne cam a fuff o win
an liftit it oot o the bowlie
an hine awa.

a wee bird sang.

Dew dreep't
on the beld heids
o' the auld men
stude gloweran
at the tuim tomb.

'She's jinkit again,
the bitch!'
said the auld man wi the spade.

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