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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Song, Family and Home, History

Psalm 137     by: Booth, Gordon

Alang the haughs o Babylon, we laid us doon an grat
Fyle, myndin o Jerusalem, aneth the sauchs we sat.
Oor clarsachs hangit on their beuchs. Yon chiels cried, "Sing!
Thon Zion ballats - gie's a lauch, c'wa noo, hae a fling!"

Bit foo cud waefu hairts be blythe inower yon antrin lan?
Gin I mislippen Israel, may eeseless be ma han;
Gin I forget ye, may ma tung be steekit tae ma mou;
Jerusalem, I haud ye heigh aboon ma chiefest lou.

Min', Lord, foo Edom's fowk surroondit Zion's palaice tour
An cried, "Ca ower ilkie yett ding doon ilk waa tae stour."
O, Babylon! Seilie the sodjer-loon fa grups yer bairns
An brakks tae bluidie-smush agin the stanes their verra hairns.

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