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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Mine Ma Mealies!     by: Fraser, Ford

Noo that I bide in London
There's summin a canna find
Bin roon aboot the chippers
Tae be telt there's nae such kind.

Weel, ma kyte is near on impty
An ma feet are affa sair
I'll jist hae tae ging back hame
Sichtin summin that's nae there.

Wis spikin on the phone tae ma
She's cummin doon fur a wik
Ma een lichts up wi a bricht idea
Foo tarry tae nae miss a trick.

She hans ma ower ma parcel
"It'll stick tae the reef o yer moo!"
Nae doot aboot ma denner the nicht
""Ken es?" Am gyan tae hae een noo!"

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