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Elphinstone Kist   Stories for Bairns

The Three Little Pigs     by: Robertson, Ella

Aince upon a time there wis a Mammy pig and her three wee piggies bidin in a braw wee hoose in the country. But the three wee pigs were growing intae three fell big piggies and the Mammy pig thocht it wis getting gey crowded in the braw wee hoose.

"Noo, laddies, yer aa getting gey big and there's nae muckle room in here ony mair. I think it's time ye aa made yer ain wey in the world. So oot ye go and g'wa and find hoosies for yersels. Jist a wordie o warnin'. Mak shure ye bigg richt-like hooses for there's a bad wolf on the go oot there ready tae gubble ye up."
The three wee piggies wirna neen sweer tae go. It wid be great tae hae a place o their ain and nae Mam breathin' doon their necks telling them fit tae dae. Aff they set doon the road.

They werna a' that far doon the road when they met a mannie wi a load o' wee bales on his cairt. They wid mak' a fine hoosie, thocht the first wee piggie.
"Excuse me, mannie," he said in his poshest voice. "Wid ye gie me some bales tae mak a hoosie?' "Oh, I'll shurely manage that," the mannie answered and the first wee piggie puffed oot his chest. He wis the first tae get a hoosie. The ither twa pigs didna think much o his choice bit he wis a lazy wee devil and the bales wid be fine and aisy bigget. But there wis the wolf tae consider....

The ither twa piggies carried on doon the road till they met a mannie wi' a load o sticks. The second wee piggie eyed them up and thocht tae himsel they wid mak a fine hoosie. It wid be a bittie o work but he wid be safe in it. "Fit like, Maister. That's a fine loadie o' sticks ye have there. I'm wanting tae big a hoosie for mysel. Could I get some o' yer sticks?"

The mannie eyed up the piggie and gied him a smile. "Aye, surely laddie. Jist tak fit ye're needing." The wee piggie smirked at his brother and set aboot makin his hoosie.

The last wee piggie held oan doon the road. He wisna worried aboot his brithers beatin him at getting hoosies. He wanted something guid and strong that wid lest him for years and something that wid be shure tae keep the wolf oot.

He'd gone a fair bittie when he met a mannie wi' a load o' bricks. Noo, there wis something strang tae bigg wi.
"---Aye, aye. Fit like? Braw weather," he greeted the mannie. The twa o' them newsed awa for a whilie till the third wee piggie plucked up the courage tae ask if he could get a puckle bricks.
"Aye, nae bather. I wis jist gaen tae pit them in the dump. I've finished the wa I wis biggin and hae this lot left ower. Help yersel."
It took the third wee piggie a lang time tae big his hoosie, bit fin it wis finished he wis fair chuffed wi it. It looked braw and nae wolf wid get intae it.

The wolf wis wanderin aboot in the countryside and his belly started tae rumble. It wis time he looked for something tae eat. Hello, fit wis this? A strae hoosie? Noo fa wid bide here?

Jist at that moment the first wee piggie cam whistling roond the corner. He'd been oot in the vegetable patch pickin a cabbage for his dinner. He saw the wolf and, for a meenit he froze in his buits, syne he dived for his hoosie and slammed the door.

Woolfie licked his lips and chappit gently on the door. "Wee piggie, wee piggie let me come in,"
"Nae chance," grunted the wee piggie, "dae ye think I'm daft?'
---Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blaw yer hoose doon." The wolf gave a nesty cackle and licked his lips.
''Awa ye go," the wee piggic scoffed. The wolf huffed and puffed and he blew the strae hoosie tae bits. The wee piggie took tae his heels and belted doon the road tae his brother's hoose.
"That wis close," he panted 'Are ye shure this stick hoose'll haud up against the wolf?'
---Nae hassles, laddie, nae hassles."

Next day the wolf found his wey tae the hoosie made of sticks and wis jist in time tae see the twa wee piggies gaun inside. Twa denners, fit mair could a wolfie ask for? Ower he went and chappit on the door.
'Wee piggies, wee piggies let me come in." he wheedled.
"Crivvens, the wolf's ootside," the first piggie whispered tae his brother. "Fit will we dae?"
"Awa ye go," the second wee piggie shouted tae the wolf, "ye're nae getting in here."
"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blaw yer hoose doon," the wolf growled.
"Nae chance," the second wee piggie yelled back. "Ye'll niver manage tae blaw my hoosie doon." The wolf huffed and he puffed, syne he huffed and he puffed a bit harder and the stick hoosie started tae creak and ower she went. The twa wee piggies took tae their heels and ran for aa they were worth doon the road tae their brither's hoose.

By this time the wolf wis gettin' gie raised that he wisna managing tae get ony denner. He followed the twa piggies down the road and cam tae the hoosie o bricks.
"Noo I've got ye. Three wee piggies aa the gither. Fit a feed I'll hae." He went up tae the door and chappit loudly on it. -
"Wee piggies, wee piggies let me come in," he demanded in a loud voice.
"Awa ye go," the three wee piggies yelled back thegither. "Ye're nae gettin' in here."
"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blaw yer hoose doon."
The first twa piggies looked at the third wee piggy and they were shakin' wi fear. Baith their hoosies were gone.
"Dinna,worry," the third wee piggie telt them, "There's nae wey he can blaw this hoose doon. Noo g'wa and pit watter in that big pot and pit it on the fire."
The first twa piggies looked at ane anither and rolled their een heavenwards. Their brither wis aff his trolley. Ah, well, it wid gie them something tae dae.

Ootside the wolf wis gettin brooned aff. He wis starving o hunger and there wis three denners in this hoosie.
"Yer last warnin' piggies. Open up or else I'll blaw yer hoose tae bits."
"Tak' a rinnin' jump tae yersel," the third piggy telt him "We're nae feart o you."
The wolf puffed oot his cheeks and he blew as hard as he kent how. But the hoosie o bricks didna move. He took a deep breath and blawed wi' aa his micht---puff-puff-puff !

Nae use! Ah, bit wait a minute! He'd clim on tae the roof and gae doon the lum. They werna daein him oot o his denner. He scrambled up on tae the roof and squeezed himsel doon the lum.

The third wee piggy took the lid aff the pot, a smirk on his face and waited.
Plonk! The wolf hit the watter wi an almichty splash and that wis the end o' him.
The three wee piggies danced aboot and shouted wi joy. That wis the end o the bad wolf Noo they could aa live in peace.
`Hang on, a meenit," the first wee piggy said. 'Yer aaricht, ye've got a hoosie. We've nae wey tae bide." The third wee piggy looked at his brithers and wagged his fingers at them.
"Ye should hae peyed attention tae whit yer Mither telt ye and biggit stronger hoosies." Then he laughed at seein' them sae doon in the moo.
"Aaricht. My hoosie's big enough for the three o us. Ye can bide here."
And they lived happily ever after.

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