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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

The Journey     by: Kennedy, Elizabeth

Fin the aal lady sits doon ti think,
An watch the waarl ging by,
Fit diz she say,
Fin the sun is hine up in the sky?
Diz it spread its licht like her readin lamp?
Diz she compare the shinin cars wi her fals teeth,
Aifter a brushin?
Fin she looks aboot fit diz she see?
Is it her memories that keep her thinkin aa day?
Winnerin fit happened here aa thon years ago.

The birdies sang brings it aa back tae fin she wis a lass
She is young again!
Aathing is bricht, sae mony colours.
The daisies seem tae daunce upon a green velvet carpet.
She can mine fin the wids war her hame fir the day,
Playin in the leaves till the sun wis nae mair
The soun o twigs brakkin ower aa the wids
The caal shade o the trees
The flooer growin jist fur her tae pick.
She can mine it like it wis yesterday
The sun brakkin through the trees
Like a sign fae hich abeen.
Sic a bonnie sicht
Bit she mines the crossroads tae
A hustly, bustly place o mony souns
An obstructions an opportunities.

Fin she wis young she sat on the caal steen dyke
It wis different fae the warmth o the sun
The cars wiz by, meevin the cones
That lie on the pavement
A butterflee that flutters by can only be a thing o beauty
Compared tae the cars
They mak sic a soun fin they ging intae the potholes
Nesty things.
That's fit she mines

Doon at the kirk the day
The aal lady sits sayin her guid byes tae her loved ane
Jist like noo the sin gies up its rays
It’s caul bit the aal lady bides
For here her memories are aa she his
An that for her is eneuch.

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