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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Doric Verse

Fechts     by: Ogston, David. D.

Source: Winter Sea: Joan Eardley

Tak a sea, ony sea.
Catterline or Cephalonia, the same wecht o watter
Breenges at the dry grun withoot devaul.
Syne tak a makar.
Woman or man, the same spierin raxes them:
Foo the wecht o wirds can cairry faat they see.
They spik o fite horses, waves that cowp,
Blin fury an a spew o saut.
Tak a penter.
Woman or man, the same clort o questions:
The same fecht. Foo can the canvas spik the truth o't?
Some, like Joan in Catterline, rowe themsels in cwytes
An meet the blin fury face-to-face, lay on the colours
Wie fingers jeeled as steens, their faces reid raa in the onding
O sleet an hail bilin hich fae a winter sea
Pen. Pencil. Brush. It's a bare-knuckle fecht.

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