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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

    by: Ogston, Rev. David

Faither o us aa,
Faa’s hame is Heiven,
We haud up your name.
Lat your Kingly Wark gyang forrit,
An lat Your wye win throwe doon here amon His
The same as it daes Abeen.
Gie us this day the mait we need.
Gin we hae deen wrang, dicht aff the sclate agin’s
Like we wid dee for een anither.
Keep’s airted awa fae faar we’re like tae tummle
An raxx us free o coorseness,
For your’s is the Croon
An the Micht
An the Glorie, Aawye an aawye,
Sae lat it be.

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