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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home

The Vigil     by: Ogston, David Rev.

Mary: Noo Joseph, steik that door sae ticht
Nae win can blaw:
Shut oot the black an cauldrife nicht
Until the daw.

Joseph: The door is barred: 0 Mary, quine
I canna close
The road that traivels tae the toun
An onward goes.

Mary: Noo, Joseph, tie that muckle ox
Tae block an gaird
The steikit door: the oor is late
An I am feared.

Joseph: The ox is tied: 0 Mary, quine,
I canna chyne
The beast ayont the stable waa
That bides its time.

Mary: Noo, Joseph, hap the sleepy bairn
An Him disguise
Tae hide Him fae the rovin een
0 faes an spies.

Joseph: The Bairn is hid: 0 Mary, quine,
I canna hide
The Man when He one day will be
Far fae my side.

Mary: Noo, Joseph, sing a happy sang
Or whistle sweet
Tae droon the cry my Son wid mak
Gin He should greet.

Joseph: The sang is short: 0 Mary, quine,
I canna droon
The voice that cairries far frae here,
The warld roon.

Mary: Noo, Joseph, redd your weary pow
0 thochts o sleep-
For ye maun wake a watch wi me
The vigil keep.

Joseph: Nae sleep for me: 0 Mary, quine,
I canna dream
Until the story here begun
Is telt an deen

Mary: Noo, Joseph, tell me we'll be safe
An free o hairm.
Tell me that skaith will niver come
Upon my bairn

Joseph:Your bairn is safe: O Mary, quine
I canna say,
What He will face or warssle wi
Some ither day.

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