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Elphinstone Kist   Music, Bairn-Sangs

Oor Desert Island Hame     by: Danestone Primary School

Oor Desert Island Hame
Tune: Gimme that old Time Religion

Composed bi : Grant Dickie, Kirsty Slater, Michael Innes, Kieran Shields, Paul Watson, Stephanie Heintl, Jodie Wong, Matthew Rose, Fay Mitchell

We war washed ontae an island x3
Fin oor pleisur cruiser sank

We set oot tae bigg a shelter x3
On oor desert island hame

We gaed climmin up a palm tree x3
On oor etc

We howked in the san fur treisur x3

There war hunters, fishers, builders x3

There war leaders, cooks, first aiders x3

There war puggies hingin flechin x3

There war parrots fa war skreichin x3

There wis caves an rocks an danger x3

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