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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Palm Sunday     by: Birnie, Rev Charles

They say a little donkey
Took Mary doon tae Bethlehem,
Anidder little donkey
Took Jesus tae Jerusalem.

His men took aff their jackets
And threw them ower its back,
Tae mak a saiddle for the Lord
As they cam ben the track.

The bairns a cam rinnin oot
Tae cheer Him throw the toon.
The donkey cockit up its lugs
Tae hear the happy soun.

They hidna flags or streamers,
They pud the leaves sae fair
Frae aa the palm and olive tree
And waves them in the air.

They kent it wis a Gala Day
And a began tae sing.
Their sang wis High Hosannah
A welcome for a king!

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