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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns, Art

Afterglow (3)     by: Armstrong, Catherine

Gloamin castin shaddas aa ower the burn
Meenlicht nichts an rinnin rubbits
Snawy trees an leaves.

The snaw will keep the warmth awa
Aa throwe the nicht
Till mornin comes again
An frost will makk the trees aa glow.

Gowden fitsteps, shinin bricht
Though aa aroon is dreich
Gloomy wids, frostit trees
Cauld wins blawin North

Aawye's snawy an cauld
Bit peacefu in the wids
Rumoured ghaists glidin
Roon the gloomy, meenlit snaw.

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