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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Da     by: Sutherland, Bill

Fit ails ye, brither - trauchled, weary, tired, forlorn?
Wish sometimes ye were nivver born?
Feel the warld hauds nae AE freen?
Ah, but there's ane -
Yer Da.
Lift yer een;
They ca' Him "Yah".
His loon wis nailt on o' a tree
Tae pey for's aa.
If we were ony guid ye'd unnerstaun;
But us? - fa can cheat an' lee an' steal?
Man, we're a sicht!
But Da says, through His loon, we're aricht.
Sic a price He's peyed. Is't in vain?
Na, na; noo ken
I tak Him for masell -
My Saviour Jesus - fa saves my soul
Fae Satan, sin an' death an' Hell.

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