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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Rhymes bi Bairns

Wauk in the Wids     by: Farmer, Barry

Source: Wood on the Downs - Paul Nash

Ae day I wis hill waukin wi ma Scottish terrier
I saw a wid wi rubbits, brocks, mowdies an a puckle deer.
I decided tae ging doon an gaither some wid fur a fire
Aa the beasties war happy tae be bidin in the beech wid
A wee reid jeep crawled ower the steeny track
Ower an doon,
Turnin an twistin,
Makkin fur the beech wid.

The chiel in the jeep wis a coorse mannie
The beasties kent he wis coorse
He aye cairriet a gun wi him
Tae hunt his denner doon.

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