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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Smeddum     by: Phillips, Danielle

''Granny Kath, Granny Kath, we've a project to do for English, and it's all about youth in the olden days,'' said Chloe as she came running through the door after school.

''Weel git changed an then we'll git started'' answered Kath, as she read the latest issue of 'Scotland Today'
The children, Chloe and Megan came running back in their shorts and T-shirt and school books in their arms.
''Come on granny, hurry up will you''
''Right. lat's git started then. First question?
''Where did you live when you were younger? ''asked Megan.
''Weel, I lived on a ferm back in Scotland, wi ma 8 brothers and sisters. It was near a small toon called Stonehaven, weel, jist ootside o there.''
''Granny did you have a school uniform? And if yes, what was it?''
''Weel I wore a skirt an a grey jumper. It wasn't a uniform, but I liked to look smairt,'' Kathy replied as she laughed at an old photo she had of herself in that exact clothing.
''What was it like living on a farm, and who did what?''
''Weel, whaur dee I start? I liked it on the ferm and I did a lot o things. I mucked the coos and fed the chickens, did the ironin an reddit the hoose fae top tae bottom. Yer gryte grandmither, Meg, was a very sair worker. I had tae sew an stitch, mend an fix things tae. I was really tired at the end o the day. Richt, next een then lassies?''

''What did you do when you left school?'' asked Chloe
''I wirked as a stewardess on a boat. It went fae Aberdeen to Australia. I met this lad and he was called John Robb. He wis very handsome and charming. He asked me tae merry him, but I turned him doon. He was always dressed smairt in a suit an a tie. And then I came hame and worked in Mr Webster's corner shop for a while.''

''And we've got one more question , what was your family like? Who got on and who didn't?''

''Weel, I had 8 brithers and sisters. Jock wis a lassie's man, and he fairly liked the quines. He got merried tae Auntie Mary cause she wis haein a baby and great grunny Meg said that they hid tae. Auntie Jeannie wis a pest. She stole money fae the kirk. She merried a clerk and left hame. And great grunny Meg wasn't merried and she wis very strict! Right. Go and wash yer hands and git ready for supper'', said Kath.

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