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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

A Feel Day For Gossip     by: Forbes, John

Mr Webster was stacking shelves in the shop and Kath was in working as well. The shop was the main source for gossip and that day was no exception. Two old ladies came in. Mr Webster didn't really like them. They were right stirrers. One was called Mrs Riddle and the other, Maggie.

Maggie: Good mornin Mr Webster. Fit Like?
Mr Webster: Nae bad. Yersel, Mrs Riddle?
Mrs Riddle: Ay, jist fine
Maggie: Have you heard the gossip now, Mr Webster?
Mr Webster: No. Fit is it the day?
Mrs Riddle: Meg Menzies
Mr Webster: Fit aboot her?
Maggie: Niver married. The dirty bizzim!
Mr Webster: No, no!
Maggie: Ay, she told the faimlie the day. I would niver guessed wi her bein so strict in aathin.
Mrs Riddle: I ken. And she jist told us as if it was an everyday thing hivin nine bairns an nae even married.
Maggie: Ay, she's a richt whore
Mr Webster: Now, I wouldn't go that far
Mrs Riddle: An fit wye nae? Leadin all the poor bairns on all their lives that she was married to that drunken blether.

Just after she said that, Kath stormed through from the back of the shop.
Kath: That drunken blether happened to be my father and it's because o folk like you that he turned to drink

Kath fled out of the shop in tears.
Mr Webster: Now look fit ye jist dane!
Mrs Riddle: Fit dae ye mean?
Mr Webster: Are ye stupid, woman? She jist run oot in tears and she probably winna be back till the morn, leavin me tae dee aa the work.
Maggie: Well, dinna get yer knickers in a knot aboot it. I'm aff.
Mrs Riddle: Me too
Mrs Riddle and Maggie stomped off in a huff to gossip a bit more to every person that walks by them.

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