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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

The Brig o Banff     by: Ms W de Rusett(group co-ordinator) and the Doocot View Friday Afternoon poetry group

Dibble-dabble Deveron,
Bubblin tae the sea.
Aal briggie bridge,
A midgie bridge in simmer.

Sieven-holey briggie,
Babblin tae the sea.

I went for a dyanner doon Deveron's banks.
I met a loonie playin pranks.
Loons were chuckin stanes at djooks.
Fowk were gie-in em funny looks.

Ane fell in an swam for his life.
A bit o a wreck stuck oot like a knife.
He grabbit a haud o the sunken boat.
He's taen it for a shark afloat.

Parky, narky, sharky sea,
An glaiket loonies on the spree.

Fool an clarty he gaed hame,
An wis pit til his bed by a crabby aal dame.

Dibble-dabble Deveron
Wis rinnin through his min(d),
An the aal briggie and the shark that wisnae.
An he whispered til himsel,
As he dozed aff,
''I winna ging there again, nae wey,
I winna ging there again!"
This above poem (The Brig o Banff) was created by a group together, contributing about two lines each. The group was made up of 4 pupils from P5, 4 members of Doocot View Friday Afternoon poetry group and the co-ordinator of the group Ms W de Rusett, (Visiting Drama Specialist, and Drama Project Worker in Community)

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