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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Smuggler     by: Redmond, Iain

It wis a caul nicht as the smuggler mountit his horse quaetly, tae gae doon tae the beach tae meet a ship that wis cairryin lots o brandy an lot o ither pleisurs. He met his friens, an they hid in the derkness o a cave waitin patiently fur the wee rowin boatie tae bring in aa the ither stuff that wis selt in Aiberdeen.

The smugglers war waitin a lang time, then oot o the mist they heard voices as the boat cam intae the shore. The smugglers creepit up ahin the helpless sailors an knocked them oot wi their clubs. They sank the boatie an beeriet the sailors. They pit aa the stuff in a cave, an gaed hame tae get ready fur anither nicht.

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