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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

My Hoose     by: Hay, Jonathan

My hoose has fower windaes.
It is nae detached.
The gairden is affa bonnie.
It grows flooers.
It's made o granite..
Hairdest o steens.

My front door his lots o glaiss
Wi the number fourteen.
I hae a wee gate which is reid.

Fin I gae intae my hoose
It smells o cookin fit is lovely.
My hoose his 'is CD
That's aywis blarin lood.
Ma sister is aywis screamin
As lood as can be.
I can smell they fancy scentit candles.

Ma faimly is ma dad (pa)
Ma mum (ma)
An the quine (sister)
Ma pa is tall an is forty year auld.
Ma ma works in ane o these fancy hotels
My sister is noo nine
And she is a pain.

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