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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Prose bi Bairns

A Convalescent     by: Mackintosh, Annie

Source: Bright Eyes - Sir John Millais

A young lassie wis nae weel so she hid tae hae an operation in the hospital. She wis in the hospital an her ma broucht her floors in tae the ward. She wis feelin affa doon. She wis weirin a white nichtgoon. Her een wis dull and broon. She wis feeling affa sorry for hersel. But it widna be lang afore she wis better again. She hid a blunket ahin her tae keep her warm.
Six years later she wis feelin an affa lot better. Later on fan she wis aulder she got a new coat an shawl fae her ma. Her coat wis reid and the shawl wis white. She feels affa proud that she got through the operation withoot a fuss. Her een are bricht blue noo. She is affa grown up.

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