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Elphinstone Kist   Maakers, Place, History

Aiberdeen The Day     by: Mackie, Alastair

Nou in the echties the granite's nearhaun smoored
wi plate gless and English brick. Bulldozers
bellyrive. The toun bounds raxx the map
aa airts. Supermercats trok their wares

and bigg ower history. Ye gang ben George Street
into a tracheotomy. The toun's kirk
'll hae mammon for a neebor. Profit
like murder has nae fatherland

Fa ains Aiberdeen? Fremmit siller
like killer shark'll rive the body's fat.
Mind on St Christopher the martyr?-

at pint-blank range the crossbows stobbit 'im.
their bolts' black leeches sookit his life,
the reid bleed dreeled like an ile-field.

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