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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Rhymes bi Bairns

Titian Preparing to make his first Essay in Colour     by: Hutcheon, Alison

Source:Titian’s First Lesson in Colour – William Dyce

A loon lookin at a statue,
Lookin at aa the textures,
Thinkin aboot foo bonnie it looks.
Book on chair,
An flooers ower it.
Baskets o flooers
That are aa different colours

He gets aa his colours fae nature
The reid o the flooers
The green o the leaves an girse
The broon o the bark
Roch bark,
Smooth marble
Soft girse
He wis thinkin
O aa the gweed paintin
He could dae
Wi the gweed colours o Nature

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