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Elphinstone Kist   Art

Bricht Een     by: Hayward, Amy

Source: Bright Eyes- Sir John Everett Millais

Bricht Een wis a bonnie quine
Her mither wis affa fine
She aywis wauked doon the street
Doon in her pooch wis her wee treat
Awa tae fetch her mither’s feed
Wi her lang frock sae bonnie an reid
Fan she gets hame
She warms her hauns on a hett burnin flame
Wi her bonnie bow sae silvery white
Lookin ooto the windae, fit a bonnie sicht
Wi her chubby chikks an her lang eelashes
Oot in the caul wi her lip sae blue
She’s run inside
Sae she disna catch flu
Wi the dark dreich sky aroon ahin her
Bricht Een loves her mither an faither

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