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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

    by: Green, Alison

Sindoon an’ meenlicht,
An’ faan a’m caad, I’ll nae be thrawn!
An’ gar there be nae grummlin’ o’ the slich,
Faan I gyang doon the burn,

But sic a tide as birlin’ seems unco quaet,
Gey fu’ fir soon’ an’ ream,
Faan thon that cam fae oot aneath the watter
Huds awa hame.

Gloamin’ an’ mirk meet,
An’ aifter that the nicht!
Och dinna girn an’ dinna greet,
Faan I ging oota’ sicht;

An’ fyle fae oot ower oor burn o’ Time an’ Place
The spate micht tak me hine awa,
Syne I’ll speir at my Almichty till ’es face
When I have crost the burn.

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