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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Fan Auld Bill Yokit the Hoover     by: Cruickshank, Albert

Noo Auld Bill fan he got hame,
Lookit aroon an said, “ I doot
A’ll hae tae dae some cleanin,
A’ll jist get the hoover oot.”

He got the hoover plugit in,
An set tae wi micht an main.
Bit he forgot that aa machines,
Can hae a min’ o their verra ain.

So Auld Bill he didna notice,
That machine gaun roon his taes.
Till he rummlet ower the tap o’t,
An gaed clyte upon his face.

Bit Auld Bill will min’ in future,
That machines can aa tak tigs.
For the price o his forgetfu’ness,
Wis a couple o broken ribs.

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