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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Aye I ken Fine Fa Ye Mean     by: Cruickshank, Albert

We’ve aa workit wi somebody like him,
Aye, him at’s aye heard tae bleat.
“Tho am nae tellin ye yer job,
At’s nae the wye at I wad daet”.

He watches aabody roon and roon,
Syne near shoves ye aff yer feet.
As he comes borin’ in aboot wi,
“At’s nae the wye at I wad daet”.

He tries maist aabody’s patience,
In fact near maks ye greet.
For aa ye hear fae morn tae nicht,
Is “ At’s nae the wye at 1 wad daet”.

I’ll sweir fan he’s deid and doon below,
Mangst aa the reek an heat,
An meets auld Satan shovellin coal,
He’ll say, “At’s nae the wye at I wad daet”.

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