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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Rhymes Bi Bairns

Winnerin     by: Aitchison, Alex

Source: Visibility Moderate- Edward Wadsworth

Fit wye's that chair lyin on the san?
Could it hae bin left by the boatie?
Is that bleed on the chair or is it velvet?
I'm winnerin

Could that hut be Nessie's hame?
Or maybe is it a crate?
Could it hae a secret message inside?
I'm winnerin

Are the flags an poles fitba goals?
Fit are they daein there?
D'ye think they've faan fae an alien spaceship?
I'm winnerin

Look at the boatie in the watter.
Could it be fu o robbers?
Or is it maybe a cruise ship?
I'm winnerin

I sit on my hurdies
Lookin aroon

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