I gaed doon the Turra Market,
Turra Market for tae fee,
An I met in wi a wealthy fairmer
Fae the Barnyards a Delgaty.

Linten addie, toorin addie,
Linten addie, toorin ae,
Linten !owrin, lowrin, !owrin,
The Barnyards o Delgaty.

He promised me the ae best pair,
That was in a the country roon,
Fan I gaed hame tae the Barnyards
There wis naething there but skin an bane.

The aul black horse sat on his hunkers,
The aul white meer sat on her wime
For a that I could 'hup' an 'crack'
They widna rise at yokin time.

Lang Meg Scott she maks ma bed,
Ye can see the marks upon my shins,
For Meg, the coorse ill-trickit jaud,
She fills ma bed wi prickly whins.

Jean MacPherson maks ma brose,
An her an me wi canna gree,
First a mote an syne a knot
An aye the ither jilp o bree.

Fan I gang tae the kirk on Sunday
Mony's the bonnie lass I see,
Sittin by her faither's side
An winkin ower the pew at me.

Oh, I can drink an nae get drunk,
An I can fecht an nae get slain,
I can coort anither man's lass,
An aye be welcome tae my ain.

My caunle noo it is burnt oot
The snotter's fairly on the wane;
Sae fare ye weel, ye Barnyards,
Ye'll niver catch me here again.