Cassie, Scott

I get up an makk the wife breakfast, and then I listen tae the answer phone
efter the hooverin tae check for constituents complaints. On a non-meetin
day I head tae the shop an open up, and then of course, constituents come in.
Some come in for hair appointments, some come in for advice. On ony one
day, I can hae four people in before half past eleven, wi varied problems an
complaints. I'm accessible.

Roon aboot lunchtime, I'll hae a bite o lunch and then I'm on the phone
tae the cooncil, contactin different departments tae sort oot problems folk
have raised wi me. If necessary, I'll go roon the housin estate an see
the problems first haun.Then I go tae the toon hoose fur a meetin, an that can
last between 40 minutes and four oors. It's nae unusual for me to be
comm away from the toon hoose at 6 o'clock.

I'm back at 6.3Opm tae the hoose tae receive the green bag through the
letterbox, delivered by courier. Every cooncillor gets ain! I open the green
bag an study the contents, because action might need tae be taen right away.
If I'm lucky, I'll grab a spot o tea, an then head off tae one a the
nightly meetins in the community. It might be a community cooncil meetin,
or an education management meetin, or a meetin at the community ootdoor
sports centre. It could be a meetin o the kirk session. And of course I visit
ma constituents at night. I'll be back hame aroon 9.30-10pm tae watch some
T.V., and aroon 11.30-12.00, if it's quate, I'll be dictatin correspondence ower
the phone ontae the toon dictation machine at the Toon Hoose. So ye see,
there's a lot mair tae bein a cooncillor than maist folk think!