Farquhar, Moira

Noo there is a fancy wird fur a typin wifie fit I'm sure ye aa ken. 'At's richt a secretary. Ma day is ayewis different a phone tae answer, letters tae get typed, meetins tae get organised. Bit onywye let me tell ye aboot ma usual day.

I start wirk at 8.45am, afore the ither fowk arrive. That gies ma a chaunce tae check their post, hae a luikie at their diary tae see if I need tae gie them a reminder o onything, hae a check o the fax machine tae see fit messages hiv come through, an maist important ava, hae a fly cuppie. Efter'at, I get on wi aa the typin.

Maist o the time I type letters wi lang memos an reports. Some folk's haun writin is nae aa that guid tae read, bit ye jist hae tae tcyauve on wi'it. Afore ye ken it, it's time fur denner. I like tae gyang fur a wauk, an ett ma piece an hae a drink o juice .... efter haein tae blether tae sae mony folk ower the phone ma thrapple gets dry. Syne it's back tae wirk an awa tae takk notes at a meetin.

The meetins can gyang on fur a lang time. Sometimes I hae an affa job keepin ma een open. Aabody has plenty tae say an plenty tae moan aboot. I jist hae tae listen tae aathing an write doon fit's important. Fae ma notes I can type up the gist o the meetin..... that's cried the minutes. Dinna ask me foo. Folk aawyes takk langer than a minute, fur they're aye bletherin on.

Aa the minutes are kept bonnie in a folder, sae it means that onybody can get a lookie at them fin they wint tae. Aabody gets their ane copy, tee. Eence I've cleared aa the papers aff ma desk, I gyang hame, hae ma supper, an plan some things fur the followin mornin. There's aywis plenty tae dee, an nae muckle time tae deet it... bit ye jist dae the best ye can!