Wheeler, Les

Source: Miss Janet Shairp - Allan Ramsay

Aye, aye Miss Shairp, yer a gey bit lass:
A fine example o oor rulin class.
Ye hae the een tae stare us doon,
The tavern billies o this toon.

Yer claes are fine; they'll catch the ee,
Lace an silk will ayewis dae.
Nae doot, in time, ye'll mak a mairrage
Plenty o siller an a horse an cairrage.

But dinna forget the loon an quine
Fa made the claith sae ye'd look fine.
Aye, lassie, think: a shift o class
An ye micht hae bin a kitchie lass!

There's fowk fa say that they ken best
Ramsay did yer heid but nae the rest.
Ye micht look bonnie far ye staun
But yer claes wir deen by a prentice haun.

Fit maitter that, in the hinner eyne,
Forby yer claes micht look rael fine.
Aff wi them! Drop them at yer feet
An ye'll look gey sib tae the quines o the street!