Wheeler, Les

Source: Our Village - Sir Hubert Von Herkomer

The hey's cut an raikit, it's bin gey teuch wark.
We've lowsed fae oor darg and deen it richt weel.
We'll dauner for hame tae let oorsels cweel,
For ye'll fair raise a swyte fan heukin a park.
Yer gled tae get hame an tak aff yer sark;
A blasht o caul water'll gar the skin jeel,
An nithin is better tae a hard-workin chiel,
Cept his ain lassie's kiss in the warm hamely dark.
Mithers an bairns hing aboot for the men,
Aweer o the welcome they'll get fae them aa:
Syne faither an mither'll hae a gweed jaa
On the crack o the day among fowk that they ken.
A gamie o quoits afore bed an a rest;
Syne up in the mornin an yoke wi the best.