Wheeler, Les

Afterglow -
Joseph Farquharson

I've deen my darg an set my snares,
An noo the sun's gyan doon.
I dauner hame an see the lift
Happ't bi a gowden goun.

The snaa-tracks let the gamey ken
That I've bin at the game;
But it's winter an he winna grudge
A rabbit fur my hame.

A cottar faimly his tae eat,
An winter's ill tae bear.
I've the wife an fower geets tae feed
An hunger can be sair.

The Laird, noo, gie the man his due,
He ken's that life's nae dream.
He'll thole a bittie poachin
Fan the girnal's near-haun teem.

Aye, gowden nichts an siller snaa
Look bonnie tae the ee;
But they winna fill a bairnie's wime
An that's my warld, ye see.