Wheeler, Les

Entrance to Aberdeen Harbour -
James McBey

Ye've shot yer nets an taen a catch
Enough tae get ye hame.
Ye've battled gales an grey-green seas
Ilk winter trip's the same.

Yer battered by the roarin win'
An waves that pitch ye roon;
Ye're feart, for frozen lumps o ice
Can drive a wee boat doon.

The saut-sea chaws yer every hack;
Yer skin an een are sair.
Ye sweir ye'll nivver dae't again
But ye ken ye'll try eence mair.

An eence ye've turn't the ship for hame,
Far wife an faimly bide;
Yer een picks oot the Torry licht:
Thochts o yer ain fireside.

An syne ye steer ayont Pint Law,
The shippie hurries ben,
The mairkets aye in need o fish
An ye ken ye'll sail again.