Mackie, Dr. Lewis

Keepin the watch on a winter's nicht,
Heedin the rin o the sea.
See the blinkin o trawlers' lichts
Slinkin oot frae the Dee.

Stealin' awa tae the fishin gruns
Secret among their kin.
Lookin sair for good clear runs
Tae bring the harvest in.

Gone are the days o the hidden shoals
Handed fae faither tae son.
Noo its the new fangled fancy gear
That searches the fishin grun.

Bit sometimes I winner if we've got it richt.
We're clearin the grun too faist.
Are we oor ain worst enemies
The stocks will niver laist.

So think again my fisher freens.
Tak thocht tae fit ye dee.
If ye keep on catchin heedlessly,
Ye'll hae a barren sea.