Mackie, Dr. Lewis

Sittin here waitin, mornin sun risin,
Yawls are a comin through the dawn's glow.
Tubs are a teemin, guttin knives gleamin,
Fingers a bandaged an ready tae go.

Sittin here guttin, cleanin an washin,
Haddocks an fitins score efter score.
Haud on the salt quine, bree aff the weet brine,
Speldins are best if they're dry tae the core.

Sittin here reddin, cleanin an shreddin,
Ca'in oot tippens an hooks in a snorl.
Strings aifter strings like ilk in their ain wye,
Mony wints tae tie, horsehair atwirl.

Sittin here baitin, yawls are a waitin,
Evenin sun startin tae dip in the west.
Lay the lines neatly, let them rin fleetly,
Mak sure that oor yawl taks hame the best.