Mackie, Dr. Lewis

Redd an tip, redd an tip, clear the lines for anither trip.
Wile the horsehair fae a snorrel, knot an tie them wi' a twirl.
Beet on heuks far there's a wint, splice on tippens far they're tint.

Lines aa barkit bonnie broon, mussels shieled an salted doon
Sculls aa ready scrubbit clean, rashes cut aa fresh an green
String on string bait on the lines, that's the job o fisherquines.

That's nae aa she his tae dee for hoose an bairns as weel his she.
Wife an mither's wark as weel, gettin bairns aff tae squeel.
Makkin mait an washin clyes. There's few as clean as fisherwives.

Weemin's wark is niver deen, bit listen o you Lord abeen
Twenty four oors ilkie day is wark an sleep bit niver play.
We grow auld afore oor time sae fa wid be a fisherquine?

They tell me some fare even waur, bit I hiv niver heard so far
O onyeen tae tak oor measure, fa's day is sae bereft o leisure.

O let ma man afore a'm aulder, sign on a job amang the trawlers
An then like ither wives A'll be freed fae grindin slavery.