Mackie, Dr. Lewis

Come on laddie, time tae rise, there's nae much left o tide.
Get the lines intil the yawl an see the bowsteen tied.
Lift in the mast an the wee bit cloot - in case we fine a win.
Bit a'm thinkin we'll need oars the nicht or we'll be aa ahin.

By the Black Rig ane by ane, the oars the only soun
Thudden on the thowpins, echoin throu the toon.
Use the tide tae the Castle shore then oot tae the hard grun.
We'll sheet oor lines, a gweed twal string afore the risin sun.

Weel noo we're here on the castle hard, jist tie the lines thegither,
Pit on the bowsteens, sheet awa an watch oot for the weather.
Haud her North, use aa the ebb an let the fleet lie straight.
The sculls are teem an aa that's left is settle doon an wait.

Up then laddie, time tae haul as lang's the tide's still slack
A stey row hame an still nae win, that'll try yer back!
Bit noo we're passin Avril an there's the Ebbin Steen.
See the weemin waitin wi' the sleep still in their een.

O'er the side ma bonny lad an lift the line sculls clear,
Leave the guttin tae the quines an tak awa the gear.
Yer first time oot ma mannie an ye've kept up wi the best.
Awa hame tae yer bed noo an get yersel some rest.