Ross, Jackie

Fin the bell rings, aa the bairns rush in. Fit a soun! It's time tae settle tae the lessons. Bit first, I hae a coont o heids tae see fa's here, an fas hauns up fur denners...fa's takkin a packed lunch an fa's takkin schule denners? Noo we'll stert wi quate readin, nae spikkin. I ken that'll be a sair fecht fur some o them, bit they need tae learn! Fin they're feenished that, we'll dae some mintel. Fit's 10 x3 ? An fit's 27- 12 ? Then they write it doon. If they listened the first time, they widna hae tae dae't again an again! Efter that they get their core wirk startit afore the bell gings fur playtime....spellin an aa. Neist, they ging ootside fur their playpiece. Hurray up an gyang intae line, sae I can get ma cuppie o coffee!

It canna be the bell already? Oh no, back tae class. The reid group fur maths preparation an the blue group fur readin, spellin, dicatation, aa tae dee afore denner time. Come on class, hurry up an get yer heids doon! If ye get aa yer core stuff deen, we'll be able tae dee some project wirk this efterneen. We micht even hae time tae ging tae the hall fur games. Richt noo reid group, oot here wi yer Heinemann....

Dennertime. Ging an wash yer hauns an get intae line. Quate noo, we're nae gaun ben tae the denner hall till aabody's staunin still. Keep yer hauns tae yersel an yer feet! O.K. Ben the hoose. Time tae sit doon an say grace, an a quick exit fur me afore the feedin sterts. It's like a zoo in here at dennertime. I'll awa n' hide in the staffroom till bell time.....I should hae kent better...there's ay somebody fa hurts themsels ilkie dennertime. Fit wye did I dee 'at First Aid course?

This efterneen, we're gaun tae takk a keek at aa the stuff the jannie teen in aboot the Second World War. We'll fin oot aboot ration cairds, gas masks, 'n stuff like that.

Far his the time gaen? The minibus'll be here in a meenit. Ging an get yer jaikets an yer sheen on quick noo. Ye dinna wint tae miss the bus! Yippee! Yon's the bell!