Murray, E.E.

There's a handy snod bit fermie, twa three mile fae Aiberdeen
That I'm wishin I wis back till as I sit here aa ma leen
For ye jist hiv nae idea foo I miss the sichts an soons
That I niver eest tae notice fin at hame amo the loons.

Bit the femmily a got scattert an ma mither she grew frail
Faither, aye an eident wirker, fan his legs begin tae fail
Sae he said he wid be better tae gie up the place an leav't,
Tho I thocht that wid be awfa an I hardly could believe't.

First ava there wis the roupie, sic a wark an sic a steer
We gaed throu an we got aathin ready for the aunctioneer!
Seen we flittit at the term wi a day o poorin rain
Till a hoose, bit nae a steadin nor a parkie o oor ain.

There's a lot less wark for me, of coorse, nae milkin tae be deen
An I dinna need tae ging aboot wi skirpit, sharny sheen
Bit sin Spring cam in wi bonnie days I canna be at peace
Min, I try tae be contentit, bit it's nae o muckle eese.

For I'm weariet for the calfies, an I'm weariet for the kye
An the foalies an the lammies an a hunner things forbye
For I likit aa the beasties an I think they likit me
Fin ma faither hid the placie doon aside the bonnie Dee!

May 1921