Morrice, Molly

Mrs Esson, no. 43
Aabody caas me Blotter Mary. I am really affa fat. The doctor says it's dropsy. Aa day I staun ootside the door, watchin fowk ging by. Ae day I tried tae cross the road an fell hauf wye ower. A student on his road tae King's College tried tae pick me up bit he couldna manage. Sae he shouts in English tae his pals, 'Give me a hand, she ain't made of bloody cork!'

Mrs Lipp, no. 34
The kids keep shoutin at me, 'Tar the biler!' Fit happened wis this. The wifies in the tenement fell oot ower their turn o the wash hoose, so I settled their hash. I tarred the inside o the biler sae naebody could use it.

Mrs Soutar.
I am the wife of Professor Soutar, Humanity Manse. I feel guilty living in this huge house while all around there are families living in two small rooms. However I attempt to brighten up their lives. When we have a garden party I invite the children into the marquee to eat up the left overs.

Dan McCann
Dan least that's fit the fowk caa me. I am the barber, an my job cuttin hair is nae picnic. There is nits galore among the bairns heids. I niver ask 'Fit wye div ye wint yer hair cut?' I jist dee abody's heid the same, whither they like it or no.

Mrs Sector, no.7
I dinna gie a damn aboot fashion. I hiv trailin skirts, a black velvet hat, a lacy high necked blouse wi a cameo brooch. Sometimes the bairns roon aboot come up tae visit me an I fair enjoy their company. I sing them auld songs and tell them aboot the days I wirked wi the gentry.

Mrs Coutts
I hiv a wee dairy in Orchard Walk. I get loads o customers fae the Spital an College Bounds. My place is jist opposite the Tennis Coorts in University Road.I see the wives o Professors larkin aboot, chasin a baa in their short frockies, and I think tae masel, 'My God, the wifies in the tenements are niver withoot their overalls. They hiv enough adee spinnin oot their coppers!'