Ritchie, Kathleen

Last wikk I gaed tae see ma sister fa bides in Peterheid. She's aulder gin me, an nae sae swack as she eesed tae be. She's growin gey deef , bit she's nae dottilt.

The day I traivellt oot wis rale fine, bit there wis an affa lot o watter lyin in the parks efter aa the rain there's bin. The sea wis quate an a bonnie greenishy blue wi jist the antrin boatie an there wis an ile rig hyne awa on the horizon. The Ythan wis rale fu, and there wis twa heron an a swan aside the brig at Neebra. The burn at Cruden Bay wis in spate an the roadie up tae Slains Castle wis a clarty mess o dubs.

Lookin inland ower Formartine and Buchan, Bennachie wis as clear as onything, an ye could makk oot Ben Rinnes far ahint.

I dinna ken aboot winter craps nooadays - there's bin big changes since I wis a quine, bit something wis bricht green...mebbe wheat. Plooin hid startit, an I jist thocht that tae see a plooman wi his pair cuttin a fur, wad hae bin a richt picture on a bonnie back-end day!