Bennett, Elizabeth

I wis jist mindin the ither wikk aboot fan ma dother wis a wee bit quinie, foo I eesed tae look forrit tae Halloweeen. Nae jist for the dookin o aipples an dodgin the treacle scones, bit fur me gettin tae makk her fancy dress costume.

Ae year I dressed her up as a punk witch, wi purple hair, fite an black face, strippit socks wi taes an thae muckle Dr Martin beets. She'd chynes an safety preens aawye.

Wid ye believe, anither year she wis a caunle! Syne, the last time she wis a big hairy spider wi echt legs, a bonnie siller web aa ower her back, an thon huge goggly een on her heid. Rare fun!

Then come the makkin o the neep lantern, altho it wis a sair tchyaave howkin it oot an ye war niver sure fit kinno face it wid be. Bit michty me, wis I fair scunnert fur a fyle efter that o mashit neeps chappit!