Henderson, John (an ex-dominie o St. Cyrus)

I thenk Gweed tae mem'ries thit mak me feel guid,
Lik floorishin floo'rs I've growed up fae sid;
Syne freens roon ma ingle, ma byler oan sang
Fae burnin wid's het, glowe an tang.

Ay, thegither wi sae mony ithers,
A' sich mem'ries jyne up like a quilt
Thit brichtens the oors o' elyers lik me
Fa's gettin a wee dool and dylt.

Anse the croose soonds o' graunbairnies' keckles,
An the chirms o' blythe lav'rocks thit eik
Tae bricht porties thit aye luft ma speerits an shoo
Ilk patch o' ma quilt steek by steek.

Fin the day comes I'm bedridden maist afen,
Cause the strenth his gaen oot o ma banes,
Than thon braw mem'ries' quilt wull tak tent o' ma stouns
Fae its easedom thit nivver eence wanes.