Robert Burns: - "The North East Connection"

Robert Burns: - "The North East Connection"

Beaton, Charles

Charles Beaton
Hon. Secretary,
Aberdeen Burns Club 2001

Mention Robert Burns, wir National Bard an, nae doot, the first place in "Scotia, oor dear,
oor native soil," maist fowk'll think on's Ayrshire.

Fyles tho', they mith "think na on the lang Scots miles" in oor ain caul North East Neuk, faur
aa hiz Bums lovers are byordnar prood that the Bard's Dad, Willum, wis a Kincardineshire
loon. He first saw the licht o day, in 1721, at Clochanhill Ferm, in the Pairish o Dunnottar.

Willum's Dad, Robert Burness (es the surname wis spelt syne) hed twa ither loons: - Jeems
an Robert; an fower quines forbye. Clochanhill's on the richt-han side o the main road, 3
mile sooth o Steenhive/Stoney (Stonehaven). Ye'll see the signpost (actually "Clochnahill"
(tae gie its richt name) at the eyne o the ferm road. Jist doon a bittie farrer on, doon the road
fae hit's the Glenbervie Burns Memorial Cairn.

On the back road, fae Stoney., gaun oot the wye o Tewel an Carmont Station, ye'll fin the
forms o Elfhill, Bogjorgan an Brawlinmuir. Eence on a day, there war Burnesses at aa 3
places. Or lang, ye'll come tae Glenbervie Aul Kirkyard. Burns's great gran'fadder, Jeems
Burness o Brawlinmuir(l656 - 1743) an his great gran'uncle, Willum Burness o Bogjorgan
(died 1715) are baith beeriet here.

In a bonnie street neuk in Stoney, there's a bust o the Baird. wi flooers aa roon aboot, on the
richt-han side, comin doon fae Aiberdeen, nae lang efter ye're ower the Cowie Watter.

The Burns Club in Kincardine's Coonty Toon's quite richtly kent es the "Stonehaven
Fatherland Burns Club"