Summaries o Sax Doric Plays

Summaries o Sax Doric Plays

Barron, Charles

Plays by Charles Barron may not be performed without prior permission. For copies, details of copyright and permission to perform, contact the author on :

Rashin Coatie: by Charles Barron.
Based on a very early Morayshire version of the Cinderella story- though rather more horrific. It needs about eight principal actors and as many extras as are available. One set.

The Ootlinn; by Charles Barron
Set in the present day. One small boy is very much an outsider, ignored and even repulsed by the others. However he has more to offer than they realise. About 16 actors, one set.

Roses of Christmas: by Charles Barron
A nativity play, with the oppoprtunity to include carols of the producer's choice. It needs exactly 26 children plus various soldiers, women, kings, and passers-by.

Turing's Tower: by Charles Barron
Set in the Middle Ages in Turing's Tower in Foremartine (now ruined) but with a curious piece of time-travel- forward to the 1940s- caused by meddling with illicit powers.

Mary Queen of Scots Visits Huntly: by Charles Barron
A small-cast play (for about 7 performers) which is a rollicking historical comedy

On the Home Front: by Charles Barron
Set in Aberdeenshire during World War 2. Local children are flummoxed by the arrival of two groups of evacuees- one from a tough Glasgow school and one from a posh Girls' school in Edinburgh. It needs a cast of 15 or more. Large number of speaking parts, one set. There is a musical version of this, All Clear, with music specially composed by Colvin Greig.