Doric's no Dodo

Doric's no Dodo

Blackhall, Sheena

tune: Barnyards o Delgaty

Fin I wis young an gaed tae skweel
Ye cudna spikk the Scots ava
Bit learnin English wisna hard
Instead o ae tongue I hid twa

Chorus: Mart an office, near an far
Scots is lowpin, moo fae moo
Wirds ye canna bind nor bar
As weel cheenge girse fae green tae blue.

Gin ye veesit haa or class
Mony's the bonnie bairn ye'll hear
Fae Africa or Aiberdeen
Cry oot ' I winna' lood an clear

Trauchelt wirds are on their hunkers
That's the wye fin ye growe auld
Bit new will rise tae takk their places
Young Spring lammies in the fauld

Open up yer lugs, it's thrivin
At the shops, the fitba match
Scots is like the seeds o thissle
Grows in ony neuk or patch

Dreich an dour an gleg an roosty
Phrases like 'Ca cannie noo'
Are as much a pairt o Scotland's
Tattie crisps an irn bru

Ye can legislate or rule
Tae banish Scots or heeze it quick
There's a far mair pouerfu tool
Fowk are votin wi their spikk