The Monster at the Brig o Dee

The Monster at the Brig o Dee

Blackhall, Sheena

Teaching note:
This draws on several simple stories:

? Billy Goat Gruff & the Bridge
? Captain Hook's Ticking clock
? Jonah in the Whale.
? Kelpies
? Red Riding Hood

The Monster at the Brig o Dee

A lang time back, fin aa yer grannies were wee, the toon cooncil decidit tae gie the animals their verra ain Sports day at the Duthie Park. Weel, this wis the first day the animals hid iver hid tae thirsels an they fair delichtit. The doos flew aa ower Scotlan giein oot invites an wird even gaed tae Loch Ness, far the monster bides as ye ken.

Weel, some breets flew an some breets sliddered an some breets ran an some breets merched, aa comin doon the road tae Aiberdeen. Bit the monster hid tae sweem maist o the wye, sae he tuik the sea road. An fin he swam inno the harbour, it wis ower busy tae bide fur a day or twa, sae he cairriet on till he cam tae the Brig o Dee.

Noo, the monster wis affa hungry wi aa this sweemin. Finiver he heard the soun o somebody crossin the brig, he powkit his heid ooto the watter an this is fit he roared:

I am the Monster o the Brig o Dee
I'm gaun tae ett ye fur my tea

The first breet tae cross the Brig o Dee on the wye tae the Duthie Park wis the yowe. Her fower wee hooves gaed 'clippy-cloppy, clippy-cloppy clippy-cloppy...An the monster powkit his heid up ooto the watter, an he roared:

I am the monster o the Brig o Dee
I'm gaun tae ett ye fur my tea

'Oh ye mauna ett me', said the wee white yowe. I'm nae tasty ava. If you jist wait a whylie, there's something affa gweed tae eat comin up the Stonehaven road this verra meenit! Sae the monster sank back doon inno the Dee, till he heard the soun o feeties up on the Brig......

Teaching note:
Pupils now suggest animals, and join in the monster chant. They mimic the animal noise and movement as it crosses the Brig o Dee, but each animal, of course, tells the monster something better is coming....

Bi noo, the monster wis fair famished. A wee quinie frae cam ower the Brig neist. An the monster powkit his heid up ooto the watter, an roared:

I am the monster o the Brig o Dee
I'm gaun tae ett ye fur my tea

An afore the wee quinie could say a wird, he'd etten her, sheen an aa!
Well, she wisna lang inside the monster's wyme, fin her mobile phone sterted tae ring. The monster hid niver hid a ringin belly afore an he didna like it. He wis eesed tae peace an quaet in Loch Ness, an he didna like ringin in his belly.
'Fit's that soun?' speired the monster.
'Oh it's jist ma mither', said the quinie, an she spoke till her mither fur oors. She wis nae seener feenished spikiin tae her mither than the monster's wyme wis ringin again
'Fa's this Noo?' speired the monster...

Teacher's note:
Children will suggest other members of the family who can phone.

Weel, the monster wis in fair fizz bi noo wi aa this ringin, sae he raxxed his moo as wide as wide as wide...ay an wider than thon, an the wee quine walked ooto the monster's moo an gaed safely hame.
The monster wis that scunnert he didna ging tae the Animal Games at the Duthie Park efter aa, he jist uptailed an swam aa the wye tae Loch Ness, far he hid a fine supper o fish an chips an ice cream fur efters. Aiberdeen wis far ower noisy fur him, he decidit, an he niver gaed back tae the Brig o Dee again!