Blackhall, Sheena

Tune: The Keel Rowe

We will takk the whale road
The gale road, the sail road
Ower the seas the hale road
Wi Odin at the prow.

Forrit will oor keels rowe
Oor keels rowe
Qor keels rowe
Forrit will oor keels rowe
The Vikings fae the North

We will cam as traders
Invaders an raiders
We will cam as settlers
Weel may oor boaties rowe!

We will kill the kirk fowk
We will flegg an dirk fowk
We will capture slave fowk
In ilkie knowe an howe.

I am kent as Canute
A warrior wi hairt sae stoot
I am fierce sae watch oot
See my saga growe!